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4 continents represented!

WTC2023 OC

20. 4. 2023

All over the world...

WTC2023 is trying to be the biggest world tchoukball event since ever. As countries form 4 continents has enroled to the tournament, the biggest number of participating teams and coutries is going to be reached. The 10th edition of this world top sport event so promises a lot to see, experience and enjoy.

The right of the team to participate in the tournament arose mainly from the results of the national team in the qualifying continental championships held in 2022, so the top teams not only from Asia and Europe, as the traditional bastions of tchoukball, but also from Africa and South America will be on display.

We are curious about performances, new styles and approaches to tchoukball, especially after the period of restrictions on world events due to the covid 19 pandemic. For many reasons, the upcoming championships can be considered a breakthrough...

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